Ambassador Program

How It Works
  • Place an order on our website and receive your 20% promo code
  • Share your 20% promo code with your friends and followers

After ordering one of our products, you become a seireihato 聖霊はと ambassador. You will receive your personalized code for 20% off for your friends and followers. Once they place an order with your individualized code, we will sent you an email and you will receive free products.


Free Products Program

  • Silver: Free seireihato t-shirt for every 3 orders placed
  • Rose Gold: Free seireihato hoodie for every 6 orders placed
  • Gold: Free seireihato skateboard deck for every 9 orders placed
  • Platinum: Free seireihato painting for every 12 orders placed


Email us at if you are interested applying for our ambassador program. Please include all of your social media handles in the email.